The Pennali Incident

The Pennali incident is what most in Megas consider to be the turning point for X-humans in the city. The emergence of super powers did not go over well in the beginning. Many norms shunned those with powers and feared them. Some rightly so. After years of unacceptence another age of segregation came to be. X-humans and norms only associated with each other and eventually the city had been split between the two with norms having the vast majority. This went on for years and x-humans eventually were pushed to only the smallest area in the south side of Megas. Living as second class citizens.

A group stood up to the oppression cast on the x-humans. A collection of hopefuls that wanted change and they were going to get it by any means necessary. The group of x-human activists called themselves New Genesis. This group took the burden of righting the wrongs society cast upon them. The most interesting thing about this group is that it wasn't led by an X-human. It was led by a normal woman. A woman who sympathized with the x-humans and heard their plight. As someone who had quite the political standing within the city she knew she had the power to change the views of x-humans. 

Her name was Angela Pennali and her death is what sparked what is known as the Pennali incident. New Genesis was gaining traction within the city. their political stance and their perspective began reaching more and more of the cities officials and the citizens. Before long, the divide between X-human and norms was split right down the middle. Norms started siding with New Genesis and x-humans began realizing that some of them were too powerful and needed to be kept in check. The social schism began bubbling and eventually the power struggle boiled over. At a rally in central square, Angela Pennali held a press conference to try to put an end to the rising tensions.

The rally became silent as Angela fell over her podium. Her blank expression and limp body giving way to realization of what just occurred. Her life extinguished by an unknown assassin through the scope of a gun. The rally went wild. the silence was broken by the roar of the enraged and the grief stricken. Central square became a battle ground as x-humans and norms from both sides took to each other in violent retribution. Each blaming the other for the tragic murder. The incident took 3 days to finally quell. pitch fork mobs scoured the city looking for one responsible, but no one was ever definitively unmasked as the killer.The city leaders and the police force were able to calm the citizens but the damage had already been done. Miraculously, In an almost simultaneous realization of what had transpired, everyone began to put their differences aside to help rebuild. The death of Angela Pennali is what sparked the era of true change.

In the after match, it was discovered that Angela had a child. A son which was born an X-human kept a secret from the publics eye. Her views on the social divide between x-human and norms had been altered greatly after his birth. She knew if he were to have a good life, then the world would have to change. So she took it upon herself to do it. 

At the end of it all, the city officials granted a public apology to the x-human citizens that had been affected by the segregation that took place. Clean up efforts were made to restore portions of the city to better accommodate x-human and norm coexistence and as years passed, the city grew to something spectacular. A statue of Angela Pennali was erected in central square as a remembrance of the beginning of a new era.

The status of her son is unknown. Records show that he left the city shortly after the the incident under the care of a relative but no more information can be found. 

"I have to create a world worth living in. I don't know how the rest of the world has reacted to the emergence of x-humans but if Megas is any indication, probably not well. I have to fight for our future. For his future…"

—Angela Pennali, City Official

The Pennali Incident

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